read1 [rēd]
read [red] reading [rēd′iŋ] [ME reden, to explain, hence to read < OE rædan, to counsel, interpret; akin to Ger raten, to counsel, advise < IE * rē-dh, *rə-dh < base * ar-, *(a)rē-, to join, fit > ART3, ARM1, L reri, to think, ratio, a reckoning]
a) to get the meaning of (something written, printed, embossed, etc.) by using the eyes, or for Braille, the finger tips, to interpret its characters or signs
b) short for PROOFREAD
2. to utter aloud (printed or written matter)
3. to interpret movements of (the lips of a person speaking)
4. to know (a language) well enough to interpret its written form
a) to understand the nature, significance, or thinking of as if by reading [to read a person's character in her face, to read someone's mind]
b) to ascribe (an underlying meaning or significance) to: with into [don't read anything into his straightforward reply]
a) to interpret (signals, etc.)
b) to interpret (dreams, omens, tea leaves, lines in the palm of a hand, etc.)
7. to foretell (the future)
8. to interpret or understand (a printed passage) as having a particular meaning
9. to interpret (a musical composition) in a particular way, as in conducting
10. to have or give as a reading in a certain passage [this edition readsshow,notshew]
11. Brit. to study, as at a university; esp., to major in [to read law]
12. to record and show; register [the thermometer reads 80°]
13. to put into a (specified) state by reading [to read a child to sleep]
14. Slang to hear and understand [I read you loud and clear]
15. Comput. to access (data or a file) from (a disk, tape, etc.)
1. to read something written, printed, etc., as words, music, books, etc.
2. to utter or repeat aloud the words of written or printed matter
3. to learn by reading: with about or of
4. to study
5. to have or give a particular meaning when read [a poem that reads several ways]
6. to contain, or be drawn up in, certain words [the sentence reads as follows]
7. to admit of being read as specified [a story that reads well]
1. an act of reading [a quick read of the headlines]
2. something for reading [a novel that's a good read]
3. Chiefly Brit. a period of time spent reading
read out
to display or record with a readout device
read out of
to expel from (a political party, society, etc.) by public reading of dismissal
read someone a lecture or read someone a lesson
to scold or reprimand someone
read up on or read up
to become well informed (about) by reading
read2 [red]
vt., vi.
pt. & pp. of READ1
having knowledge gotten from reading [she is widely read in American history]

English World dictionary. . 2014.